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my abroad living life カナダ
my abroad living life

Hey world!

Good morning somewhere in the world. This is Tsuyoshi(@tsuyoshi).

I wrote on my blog for my FRIENDS today.

It’s first episode.

I have some friends around the world. sometimes we kept in touch but there were some parts that I didn’t make sense often.

I mean you know, I can’t read/write english yet. so I wanna tell more about myself , I wanna understand more about you guys.

I’ll write that until I say I couldn’t read/write english then. Ohhhh maybe forever,,,

Anyway I’d do it. Please let me know when you find any mistakes!!!

my abroad living life



About myself

my abroad living life
Name : Tsuyoshi

Was born : 1992

Free time : Camera(Fujifilm X-E3, PentaxSP, Eos kiss Panorama, NikonF801), 
                    Road bike (Cannondale CAAD8), American car(Cherokee), 
                    Motorcycle (Shadow), Camping, Fishing(Catfish, Carp, Salt water),
                    Radio(Junk, All NIGHT NIPPON), Surfing...etc

My past self : 2011 - 2018 Worked at bar in Japan(Casual bar, Irish bar)
                        2013 Went to England for study english 
                        2015 Solo travel in Spain
                        2016 Went to Taiwan by big ship
                        2017 Went to Taiwan again for meet my Taiwanese friend
                        2018 Start a small business owner
                        2018 Worked at Rogue kitchen wet bar in Vancouver
                        2019 Road trip around the U.S.
                        2019 Worked at Bufala pizza restaurant in Vancouver
                        2020 Working some farm job 

And future

About Free time

my abroad living life

Basically I have some interests. Travels in somewhere is most important than anything to me. I’d like to see for oneself and feel from experience in directly.

I especially like somethings extra hobbies.

It’s like…

  • Wanna taking some pictures in TEHERE
  • Wanna fishing with MY OWN LURE at THERE
  • Wanna riding on motorcycle at ROUTE66

How about that?!

my abroad living life

I come to like that more and more. The way I can enjoy. That has increased. Right?

I take good care of New Sensation.

my abroad living life

About my past self

2011 – 2018 Worked at BAR in Japan

my abroad living life

At that time I met a lot of people and spoke a lot.

Do a lot of work / A lot of things that like

I touched upon many people there.

2013 Went to England for study english

my abroad living life

It was my first trip abroad / homestay.

My trigger for becoming interested in abroad is this trip.

I learned active from England there.

2015 Solo travel in Spain

my abroad living life

I can go wherever I like when I like with someone I like!

I still made friends to keep in touch with.

I experienced many good some encounters.

2018 – 2019 Lived in Vancouver on working holiday visa

my abroad living life

I couldn’t speak / understand / read english. So I always talked to everyone. I always worked a lot at local.

my abroad living life


my abroad living life

Talked a lot.

my abroad living life

Sometimes sang up with haha

I still couldn’t speak yet but I could have some friends there.

my abroad living life

But I wanna speak more to my friends. I should study. Practice more. I wanna understand more deep.

my abroad living life

For my friends / new friends.


I also experienced the homeless in Canada.haha

my abroad living life

2019 Road trip in U.S.

my abroad living life

Around the U.S. in 1 month by car!

The trip to the place I want to go!

Not same to Japan of cause. I felt free everything there.

It might have been felt only at this timing I guess. I’d like to go again, because I’ll feel different then. Someday.

At that time I also helped NASA haha

my abroad living life

2020 Came to Australia on working holiday visa

my abroad living life

First, I learned CHEEY CUNT.

I’m sorry that’s joke….haha

As you can see, I worked farm from came in Australia. I wanna work at restaurant, and soon.

I met Leah. She’s my first Canadian friend actually. I never thought I’d see her again in Australia.

Well something like that


I’m tring to achieve my goal

my abroad living life

I have three dreams.

  1. Find my dream on abroad living life
  2. See for myself without worrying about the surrounding eyes
  3. Get a following around the world

Actually I haven’t decided what I want to do in the future. I’ll do it everything everywhere everytime when I find I want to do.

I’ll offer information what I only like everything. Yes, What I ONLY like everything. I’ll find my dream and share for you guys.

Will be the last

I’ve been keep working.

my abroad living life

Alway have, always will

my abroad living life

I can see my ideal self a little. Just little bit.

my abroad living life

I’ll meet you in anywhere someday or again. Then again.

my abroad living life

I am Tsuyoshi