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Hi there! This is Yoshi from Japan!
I’m gonna introduce you all about myself.

Thinking back I was always doing what I want.

When I was little, I played basket ball, tennis, swimming  because I was watching anime about these sports. When I was 15 yo, I started a break dance club in my school, just because I wanted to do it. I made a flyer, stood at the school gate, talked to everybody to join me. Then finally I started a club, it was my first year in the school. 

This is so funny because 10 years after I left the school, random people talked to me like ‘You are Yoshi san right? Nice to meet you but we actually know about you. We maintained the club after you left!’ at my home town. How nuts is this? I appreciate you guys, I was so glad.

Thinking back I was always doing what I want. since then, I started spending money and time for my free time.

I started to learn surfing, skateboarding, camping, fishing, drive a motor bike and taking a photo as well. I remembered NIKON D3200 was my first camera.

I can’t control myself especially when I feel ‘I really wanna try it’.  I got many influence from my work I reckon. I worked as a bartender for 7 years in Japan.

There is a small business plus at countryside(home town), so many type of customers came our bar every night. People who rich or not, thinking too much or easy peasy, very interested or super boring. I was 18yo then, I was shocked. They are totally different people between who met in the school and who met at the bar. I could met too different type of people even in my home town. Okay then, how’s different if it’s out of Japan? Very interesting.

My first overseas trip🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Study abroad in England. It was first time to have a passport, international airport, talk to foreigner, I kept a watchful eyes for everything. I was just having fun every day for 33 days. I was like “I don’t think to need to speak English. I can tell them from my body language so don’t have to learn English this time.” FUNNY, I come for studying but feel like that. I absolutely don’t agree ME now. To be honest, I am not what I used to be but, It was great experience for me anyway. I decided to visit other country BY MYSELF.

Solo travel🇪🇸

After 1.5 years since study abroad, I stood on European earth, in Spain as a traveler. I only bought tickets from Japan to Barcelona and Madrid to Japan. I have no plan to stay or visit or everythings. Because I was thinking “This is a travel isn’t this?” NOT TRIP this time.

It was obviously different experience as study abroad. The theme for this trip was FREE. I decide whatever I want. How long I stay there or who with or where I spend a time. I felt the free is hard for who are not used to it, especially out of your country. I could made some friends then, even now who keep in touch.

In 2018, decided to travel around the world🌏

I have no savings, I’m glad to decided though. Don’t worries, stop thinking about money, because we have WORKING HOLIDAY VISA. That sounds like for me, it super suits me. I was 25 yo which is I still have the opportunity for 7-8 countries on it. Traveling, working there, saving money then, keep traveling. I don’t need to have Japanese YEN, just grab the local currency. It would be wicked good and easy peasy japanesy isn’t it?! Plus, I also wanna learn English as well. I applied for the working holiday visa.

First country of my world travel🇨🇦

My first country of travel was in CANADA. It’s simple, I wanted to see the northern light(Aurora) and also wanted to visit U.S. and for learning English. I pushed myself, like DO MY BEST! to balance work and study English at workplace. I dropped my resume while saying 『i aM Rooking fOR a joB, Ale YOu guyS Hiring Light nOw?』hahah

I dropped my resume for more than 50 restaurants in a week, I got only dish pig job tho. Okay then I will wash most big restaurant(I reckon) in Vancouver! I have 7 years experience as a bartender in Japan, so i wanted to be a bartender. But I couldn’t. Apparently we need to speak English even if I have bloody good skills that what I learn in Canada. After 2 months, I jumped into kitchen. Being a chef since then.

Working there, paid house rent, bills and tax. It completely different as study abroad or travel. I never ever imagine myself living overseas like 10 years-ish backs. I applied visa for few weeks extend, because it was so fun(I tried but couldn’t see the northern light in White horse thought *4nights/ middle Aug). I stayed 1 and a bit years in Canada.

A road trip🇺🇸

This is my second country of world travel, in U.S.. I rang in the new year at New York then, drove to Miami, Sun Diego, Seattle. I felt heaps of American calture.

Just make a plan only for tomorrow, I have no idea about day after tomorrow, sorry. I already have some experience from solo travel in Spain! Do a barbecue now, make a tent here, grab some beers. This trip had a huge impact on my life, it changed my life! I got marked some things off of my bucket list.

Third country🇦🇺

After the U.S. road trip(Sep 2019), I returned home for a short time. But I started thinking of my next adventure, because the number of people with COVID is increasing gradually. I need a country somewhere I can stay longer as possible. Consequently, I made landfall in this beautiful land.

This is my third countries of world travel or second countries of working holiday.

This is a super positive experience for me because I didn’t think I would still be staying this. I was going to stay for just 1 year but, there are some opportunities to stay around me when I decided to leave, then I always grab the opportunity which is I’m in love with the shape of you Australia like a Ed Sheeran? Look, 4 years had passed since I moved in Australia. Recently, my visa reminds me “You have no much time left”, I would probably say it makes me a huge grief to me. Also I wonder to Aussie government like ‘Are you sure? Yoshi will leave, everybody gets sad, seriously?’. hahah

Anyway, I can’t have the working holiday anymore from my ages. Let’s keep going an adventure of my world travel.

It’s already been 5 years since I stayed in overseas. I’d never imagined that I spent the half of twenties in abroad especially as a Japanese. I wonder when do I become fluent in English eh?

What do I want?

There seems to be more and more things I want to do each and every year. Will I make it till my blood runs cold? A few years back, many Japanese(Who live in Japan) friends asked me that ‘Are you okay to live in overseas?’, ‘What are you gonna do after that?’. I’m always currying on having fun myself. I wasn’t concerned about anything including future. For now, no one’s asking me. Life is so strange. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. Accepting love and sending right back in mass.

Hi, I’m Yoshi!

Introduce about my self at last.

Name : Yoshi
Was Born : 1992
Free Time : Camera(X-T3,PentaxSP)、RoadBike(Cannondale CAAD8)、American Car(Territory)、MoterBike(Shadow)、Camp、Fishing、Radio(Junk、AllNightNippon)、Surfing…etc
My Past Self :
2011~2018 Bartender
2013、Study abroad in England
2015、Solo travel in Spain
2015~2017 building contractor and privately owned
2016、visited in Taiwan twice with big ship(twelve floors)
2018、Started world traveling, In Canada
2019、Road trip in U.S.. Visited more than 20 cities
2024-First half in AUS, back to Japan temporally

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